Cost of a Harmony ONE Validator

The Road to Election

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Are you interested in starting a Harmony ONE Validator? A validator will cost you 10,000 ONE (~$1,700) plus hosting costs to get it going. Double your hosting costs if you want to provide redundancy.

Getting your validator Elected to earn rewards from staking is a whole different cost. Currently, the Effective Median Stake is over 5,000,000 ONE. That means you'll need around $850,000 in ONE to go along with your 10,000 Validator ONE.

If you don't have $850,000 to invest in ONE, you'll have to market your validator to get ONE holders to delegate their ONE with your validator for staking. This takes time, talent, and a lot of effort.

It's certainly doable. Others have made it work and have grown their stakes and delegates. Just understand that it will be a grind and may take several months or longer to get elected.

As ONE grows, the Validator Election funding requirements grow significantly.

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